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The benefit of floating solar

Installing a floating solar has many benefits listed below

1. High generating efficiency

Excessive heat can significantly reduce the output of a PV system. Floating solar can deliver a further 14% more efficiency on average and max 21% more in a year because of the cooling effect of the water. (at same latitude and longitude)

2. Cheaper rent price

The rent price is cheaper because a lake is not required to pay municipal property tax. The owner can rent the water surface without changing the purpose of using the reservoir. Therefore, the owner can do different ways to rent from normal land.

3. No industrial waste

We use valuables material such as blowing agent, iron, aluminum, and stainless steel not waste material. Thus, there will not be industrial waste such as concrete. Also, demolition costs and deposits will be cheaper.

4. Starting construction will be faster

Reservoir doesn’t have a legal restriction. Thus, we can start construction after making a contract with an electric company.

5. Contribution to preventing global warming

Many of the large-scale solar project were made in the mountain and forest where is a cheaper rental price. However, a lot of trees were cut down in order to free up the land for it. Installing solar panels out on open water reduces the need for tree removal and forest cleaning. Therefore, floating solar is expected to prevent global warming since it doesn’t necessary to cut trees which is absorb and store the carbon dioxide emissions that are driving global heating.

6. Improvement of the quality of reservoir water

Recently, water pollution due to eutrophication became one of the huge problems for reservoir. As the water-bloom actively photosynthesize, the water becomes polluting. One of the common ways to solve this problem is just covering the lake to avoid photosynthesize. The shade provided by the floating solar reduce the presence of algae blooms in bodies of fresh water. Thus, Floating solar has a good effect for the quality of water since it automatically covers the lake.

7. Reduce water evaporation

During summer, there is often shortage of agricultural water because it was evaporated due to high temperatures. Most of the material for buoyancy has also heat insulation effect. Therefore, it is expected to preventing evaporation.

8. Social contribution by disaster prevention work with public administration

Recently, public administration rent property such as a roof in order to secure power supply during disaster. However, public administration usually possess reservoirs and many of them don’t know reservoir has the potential to be power supply resources. Reservoir for agriculture is usually dotted among living areas, so it is a great location for power supply. Renting the reservoir surface at a cheaper price by purposing “supplying power during disaster” and contribute social. Additionally, propaganda effect can be expected by improving the company’s image.

9. Contribute agriculture organization by creating independent revenue sources

Reservoir needs maintenance, and its cost comes from government grants or its organization like land improvement district, irrigation association, or agricultural organization. However, it is becoming hard to keep the reservoir since the decrease of successor and budget. Therefore, they need special financial resources to maintain their reservoir. We support multipurpose utilization of a reservoir in order to lighten their burden and create financial resources.