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To accomplish our mission saving nature and environment, we need to change the situation from “disposing of resources” to “circulation resources”. In this modern society that energy is essential, to develop renewable and biomass energy is the one of the important things to make sustainable society.
Our company mainly develop naturally derived energy such as floating mega solar, biomass power center, resources recycling facility, and waste treatment facility. Also, we are here to support to develop those kinds of facility, for instance, examine/plan, design, construction supervision etc.

April, 2017

Environment-resources Development Consultants Co.,Ltd.
C.E.O Giei Kinjo

CORPORATION NAME Environment-resources Development Consultants Co.,Ltd.
CEO Giei Kinjo
CAPITAL 10,000,000 (JPY)
HEAD OFFICE 2-1-4 Shimano building #902, nakazaki, kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan Zip code: 530-0016
PHONE NUMBER 06-6967-9282
FAX 06-6967-9283
ACCESS 2min from Nakazakicho station Osaka metro Tanimachi line by walk
OFFICE HOURS 9:00 – 17:00
HOLIDAY Saturday, Sunday and national holidays
OFFICE LOCATION Osaka (head office), Okinawa